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Giant Fabric Moth Sculpture for Home Decor

Giant Fabric Moth Sculpture for Home Decor

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This textile Moth has a wingspan of 41 cm / 16 inches and features rich shades of blush pink and gold silk satin.
Hand-crafted with care, this unique soft sculpture will certainly make a statement in your home or classroom, at your wedding, or in your photography!
To hang your fuzzy fellow on the wall, simply hook a leg around a picture-hook! Hanging your moth from different legs will result in a quirky and life-like tilt!

Creating Soft Textile Butterfly Sculptures is our family soul-made project.
It begun thanks to my mother-in-law Larysa, she lives in sunny Spain and adores to visit Spanish fairs because of its magical and racy atmosphere! And she always finds something unique for me from there. 

One day she gifted me with a beautiful piece of vintage fabric and asked to create something for her because of all these pandemic we did not meet each other for a long time.
The fabric was so beautiful, so my first idea was to make a big Moth, what will be a lovely home decor and a warm reminder from me :)

She was so happy when I gifted it to her!

This Moth become our family symbol of homely, cozy feelings.
Our friends so feel in love with the Moth so we decided to create a special Home Moth Collection using the most beautiful and incredible textiles we’ve found! 

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