The Silk Butterflies story

Hi, my name is Alina Zadorozhna, I'm from Ukraine

From my childhood I loved art in all it forms.
My mother was CEO of 3 museums, one of which was Museum of Art.
So all my childhood I was growing in the atmosphere of inspiration.

At college I found out that my favorite material is silk,
because for me it feels alive every time I work with it!

And I always had a problem with jewelry, especially with earrings, that's why I've decided to create jewelry with Butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies of silk so this way all jewelry is eye catching and light in the same moment! You can wear Earrings all day
and don't even feel them in the evening!

All Butterflies and jewelry is created by me and my girls team in Ukraine, using inspiration that gives us nature, real Butterflies!

And of course no Butterflies were killed for this! I stand up against killing nature for it's beauty! And I believe that Butterflies don't need to be killed if you like them.

The main idea of my creations - the uniqueness and tenderness.
Each Butterfly is made with love, as close to a live Butterflies, as in nature.

                                                                                                         Alina Zadorozhna