About us

OhMyButterfly is a small business from Ukraine.

Because of the war we moved to the USA. Our mission is to show that Nature doesn't need to be killed in order to be inspired by it. Because the truth behind real Butterflies art is that in order to preserve the most beautiful butterfly it must killed almost as soon as it hatches from it’s cocoon, which is just so cruel that I couldn’t stand behind and this way I started to create faux Butterflies using designs which were made by the greatest artist in the world - Nature.

If you think the same we will be happy to invite you to our Butterfly Community, where we don't kill Nature for it's beauty! ❤️🦋🦋🦋

And we are always happy to hear from our clients, so if you have something to say to us don't hesitate 🤗

OhMyButterfly Team