Hand Made and Sustainable

Hello! My name is Alina Zadorozhna
From my childhood I was fascinated by great artist who could describe everything with their paint, and now I can see it in one of the greatest Nature Miracles - Butterflies
My art are color, shape and emotion. I feel my jewelry like reflection of me. They speak of joy, passion and imagination with which they are created❤️

Multimedia collage

Luna Moth Emerald Earrings for everyone who loves Butterflies - Silk ButterfliesLuna Moth Emerald Earrings for everyone who loves Butterflies - Silk Butterflies

See the Magic here:

  • Fluttering Butterfly Rings

    Size is adjustable :)
    🌸 Made of silk with beautiful realistic effect
    🌸 Very lightweight, at the same time gentle and noticeable, all attention on you!
    🌸 You can combine different shades and create asymmetrical look
    🌸 Great gift for anyone who love Butterflies!

  • "Cinderella" Butterfly Earrings

    We all love Earrings right? But what is the worst part of choosing the right one, for me it’s the weight, of course, we can wear even massive heavy earrings, same like we can wear beautiful but extremely uncomfortable heels, after all we are women ;) But what if I will say that you can wear your earrings whole day and don’t even notice they are there? Silk is one of the finest materials to ensure it! And Butterflies are one of the best ways to drive everyone’s attention to you! Just imagine like you sit in a perfect restaurant with a your loved one, and he sees that a Butterfly have lightly sat on your earring or earrings! Believe me, he will think it’s a real Butterfly! So this way you will always be associated with surprise!

  • Handmade jewelry is the way to express your own individuality!

    🌸 Due to properties of natural silk wings are light and translucent, like real ones
    🌸 They're fluttering with every movement! It seems like alive Butterflies sat on you!
    🌸 In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy
    🌸 In Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life
    🌸 In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman

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