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Ivory Butterfly Wings Earrings In Boho Style Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Love Nature

Ivory Butterfly Wings Earrings In Boho Style Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Love Nature

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These beautiful Ivory Butterfly Wings Earrings are the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature. Made in boho style, they are designed to make you feel dreamy and whimsical. The mismatched earrings add a touch of fun and uniqueness to your look.

The delicate wings are inspired by the natural beauty of moths, giving you a sense of tranquility and peace. These earrings are made to last, using high-quality materials that are gentle on your ears.

These cool and funny earrings are perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions. They are also an ideal gift for someone who loves mismatched earrings or for anyone who loves to express their unique style.

🌸 Handmade of silk
🌸 Wingspan of Butterflies 4.6 cm / 1,81"
🌸 Very light but at the same time gentle and noticeable, attract attention!
🌸 Using multiple levels gives an unusual fluttering 3D effect!
🌸 Great gift for those who love Butterflies! :)

Feel free to write me if you have any questions! 😊

The name of this butterfly is - «Delias Nigrina» with wings of gentle shade ivory color, which lives on the islands, a lover of water bodies with clean blue water. This butterfly lives on islands with incredibly blue water and beautiful flowers! It is believed if somebody saw this butterfly - just make a wish and it will come true :)
I wish it'll become a talisman of happiness for the owner!

Handmade jewelry is the best decoration, which allows the owner to express their own individuality.

Delicate style of handmade jewelry - the perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls.

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Thank you for your interest! :)
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