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Earrings with Peacock Butterfly Wings

Earrings with Peacock Butterfly Wings

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🌸 Length 2,76" / 7 cm
🌸 Delicate bright design
🌸 Very light but at the same time gentle and noticeable, attract attention!
🌸 Using multiple levels gives an unusual fluttering 3D effect!
🌸 Every element sewed tenderly to the base
Best gift for those who love Butterflies! :)
Ready to ship!

Feel free to write me if you have any questions! 😊

In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy

In the Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life

In Japan, this winged creature associates with a young woman!

Handmade jewelry is the best decoration, which allows the owner to express their own individuality! The perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls.

Thank you for your interest! :)

P.S. none Butterflies was damaged :)
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