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Butterfly Queen Mask

Butterfly Queen Mask

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Photo 10 from the Photo Project in Milan, Italy with: The Double A Photo 
Model: Marika Sorichetti

Photo 1-4 from the Photo Project in Krakow, Poland with: Julita Pajak Fotografia
Model: Katiens
MUA: Magdalena Jachymec

Feel free to write me if you have any questions or wishes! 😊

The main idea of the earrings is uniqueness and tenderness, every butterfly is handcrafted with most sincere love!

Due to properties of silk wings are light and bright, like real ones

They're fluttering with every movement!


Did you know?

In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy

In the Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life

In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman!

But for me Butterfly is a symbol of tenderness, femininity, miracle and soul. I love them with all my heart and believe what is made with love intends to share it! :)

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Thank you for your interest! :)



Alina Zadorozhna

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