18 Great Tattoo ideas for Butterfly and Moth Lovers

Thinking of a butterfly or moth tattoo? Check out my list of best tattoo ideas in 2023!

1. Butterflies on a flower.
Show devotion and love to your partner with such tattoo idea! 

Best butterfly tattoo ideas for 2023

 Source: @tattooist_solar

2. Floral pattern Butterfly tattoo.
Symbol of open soul and love to nature.

Cute butterfly arm tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @meeshywaves


3. Half flower half Butterfly.

Symbol of tenderness and eternal beauty.Half flower half butterfly tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @lillamystyletattoo


4. Roses Butterfly tattoo

Symbol of femininity and passion. 

Floral butterfly tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @marytattooer

5. Fluttering 3D Butterflies in elegant purple color.
Symbol of freedom and tenderness. Fluttering butterflies tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @hwyl.tattoo

6. Sexy tattoo with blue Butterfly.
Show your sexuality and faithfulness to your partner with this butterfly tattoo!Rib butterfly tattoo sexy tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @tatuagem.incrivel

7. Black and Red Butterflies Tattoo.
Symbol of readiness for everything new, for new people. And in the same time will to be independent.3 Butterflies tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @mauraparkesart

8. Gothic Butterfly tattoo with a skeleton.
Symbol of transformation and reborn.Gothic butterfly tattoo with skeleton for 2023 tattoo year

Source: @east_end_tattoo

9. Under bust tattoo idea.
Sexy and unique, symbol of romantic and adventurous person.
Sexy under bust tattoo idea for 2023 
Source: @dan_tattooer

10. Religious tattoo.
Butterfly combined with sunflower and crossing, a symbol of memory of a loved one.
Religious tattoo with crossing and butterfly for 2023

Source: @hktattoo_tina

11. Minimalistic Butterfly with blue rose.

Symbol of blue feelings, sadness and loss for a loved one.

Minimalistic butterfly tattoo with a blue flower for 2023 tattoo year

Source: @dearyouth_ink

12. Simple Butterfly tattoo.
Symbol of harmony and will to self-development.

simple butterfly tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @breadloaf___


13. Purple Butterflies shoulder tattoo.
Symbol for creativity and unique vision.Shoulder butterfly tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @vane.tattoo_

14. Couple tattoo with butterfly wings.

Forever together to show how deep your relationship is.

Couples tattoo idea with butterfly wings 2023

Source: @mytattoofamily

15. Minimalistic hand tattoo with butterfly

For people who see not just outer side but the inner side as well.

Hand tattoo idea with butterfly for 2023

Source: @milan_maya


16. Minimalistic finger tattoo.

Tattoo on finger stands for will to change something, to become independent and be in charge of your life.

Minimalistic butterfly tattoo for finger

Source: @roji_tattooer


17. Dreamcatcher with Butterflies

Protects you from nightmares and helps you to deal with everything easily.

Dreamcatcher tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @tattooist_color.b


17. Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Great option for dreamers and everyone who loves unique things.

Purple butterfly tattoo idea for 2023

Source: @arona_tattoo


18. Mandala with Butterfly

Help it's owner to gain wisdom and harmony in everything.

Mandala tattoo idea for 2023


I hope you enjoyed these Butterfly Tattoo ideas! And if you would need a gift for someone who love Butterflies I can help you with this! Browse in my shop and you will find a perfect gift for every Butterfly lover!

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