Single Mono Earring with Butterflies

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Single Long Earring with Butterflies / Mono Earrings with Butterflies for unique looks! :)

In this earring I combined all colors of butterflies although it's only one earring, its so colorful and bright! You will never be unseen with something like this, believe me! Butterflies are so real, and they flutter their wings whenever you make any move :) 

Earrings base is stainless steel and butterflies made of pure silk!
Due to it properties wings of butterflies are light and translucent, like real ones.Using of this multiple levels gives an unusual flickering 3D effect. It seems like the top butterfly - fine shadow, at easy motion the wings are moving as though alive butterfly sat down and fluttering her wings.

In many cultures, butterflies symbolize joy.

In Christian faith, butterflies symbolize life.
In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman.

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P.S. Any butterfly wasn’t been damaged during creating :)

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