Custom Design Set of Magic Butterfly Hairpins and Butterfly Ring for Tatiana + Special Gift

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🌸 Made of pure silk
🌸 Using multiple levels gives an unusual fluttering 3D effect!
🌸 Very light but at the same time gentle and noticeable, attract attention!
🌸 Butterfly's size is different to create a look of a real flock of butterflies suddenly sat on you! :)

Feel free to write me if you have any questions! 😊

Ready to ship! :)

Due to properties of natural silk wings are light and translucent, like real ones
They're fluttering with every movement! It seems like alive Butterflies sat on you!
Ready to Ship! :)

In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy
In the Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life
In Japan, this winged creature associates with a young woman!

But for me, Butterfly is a symbol of tenderness, femininity, miracle, and soul. I love them with all my heart and believe what is made with love intends to share it! :)

Thank you for your interest! :)