Set of Creative Butterfly Hair Pins

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Set of Creative Butterfly HairPins for Unique Photo Shoot with Butterflies +2 Magic Rings! :)
You can use this set of hairpins for unique photo session or on some special occasion like prom or wedding or anything other day which is special for you :)
Butterflies will look like they have lightly sat on you and flutter their wings! :)

Silk Dragonfly Hairpins, Hairpins with Wings for Butterfly Lovers are Ready to ship!
Set 1 include 18 pieces: 1 Dragonfly-Hairpin, 15 Big Butterflies-Hairpins and 2 Big Butterflies-Hairclips - photo #2

Set 2 include 28 pieces: 1 Dragonfly-Hairpin, 23 Big Butterflies-Hairpins, 2 Big Butterflies-Hairclips and set of 2 Butterfly-rings (phalanx + classic) - photo #3

Butterflies made manually of natural silk with the most sincere Love and Passion by me! :)

I wish they will become a talisman of happiness for the owner!
Uniqueness is in details :)

In many cultures, butterflies symbolize joy.

In Christian faith, butterflies symbolize life.
In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman.

When you buy a handcrafted product, you'll be sure that only you have such treasure. Even with the repetition of work, 100% identity does not exist.
Handmade jewelry is the best decoration, which allows the owner to express their own individuality.

Delicate style of handmade jewelry - the perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls.

Please contact me for a clarifying before ordering:)

Please make sure to check out my other butterfly designs in my shop!

Thank you for your interest! :)