Hoops Earrings with "Sky Blue" Butterfly Wings for Creative Look

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Hoops diameter on all options - 2.24" / 5.7 cm

Blue Hoops Earrings with "Sky Blue" Butterfly Wings for Creative Look!

Unique part of the Magic Earrings is their asymmetric design, as like in Butterfly garden Butterflies sat on your earrings and lightly flutter their wings for you, so unique feelings! And the tiny little butterflies look so gently, completing the whole romantic look of the earrings!

The main idea of the earrings is uniqueness and tenderness, every butterfly is hand crafted of pure silk with most sincere love!

Butterfly Earrings in Blue colors, Big Circle Earrings of Butterfly wings are Ready to ship!

Earrings base is stainless steel and Butterflies made of pure silk!
Made of natural organza silk wings. Using multiple levels gives an unusual fluttering 3D effect!

Due to properties of natural silk wings are light and translucent, like real ones
They're fluttering with every movement! It seems like alive Butterflies sat on you!

In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy

In Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life

In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman

Handmade jewelry is the best decoration, which allows the owner to express their own individuality! The perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls.

Thank you for your interest! :)