Butterfly Wedding Halo "WhisperWind"

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Can you image how beautiful is it when a fluttering butterfly stop on you?

The Butterfly Halo made from two parts, one is 4,92" (12.5 cm) and the second one is 5,12" (13 cm) :) And when place them in hairstyle they will look like tiara of a Forest Nymph

Elegant and sparkling bridal head piece with butterflies!
Blue butterfly is called Morpho Helena, by the legend ancient Greeks called this butterfly "the fallen part of the sky".

In this hair accessory it looks like as living, fluttering butterflies that flew between dew drops of crystals..

Butterfly made of natural silk. Due to it properties wings are light and translucent, like real ones. They're fluttering with every your movement! It seems like alive butterflies sat on you!

This delicate and dainty bridal hair vine formed of a piece of twisted wire is shaped with a loop at each end, so it can be tied or pinned in place. 
It can be gently bent to fit your head. The wire is malleable so you can move the piece how you desire.
This is a very lightweight, easy to wear piece. Can be worn in various ways.

The perfect hair accessory for every bride
It can be worn in many different ways.

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