Bracelet with Midnight Black and Ruby Red Butterflies

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Bracelet with Midnight Black and Ruby Red Butterflies for those who love Butterflies! :)

Like a touch of nature! It will add to your look a note of tenderness and romance!

Each exemplar of my jewelry is made with tenderness and inspiration!

Such a unique look with a bright part of summer! :)

Uniqueness is in details :)

Silk Butterflies Bracelet, Bracelet with silk Butterflies, Boho Chic wings Bracelet is ready to ship! :)

Butterfly made of natural silk. Due to its properties wings are light and translucent, like real ones. They're fluttering with every your movement! It seems like alive butterflies sat on you!

You can combine it with some modern jeans and a casual t-shirt in spring or summer

My jewelry is made with the most sincere Love and Passion by me and will add lightness and romance in your image

Size: adjustable


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Thank you for your interest! :)