Boho Chic Earring with "Orchid" Silk Butterflies

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Every girl from her childhood wanted to be like her beautiful mother, with all the makeup and beautiful jewelry, in childhood everything was just perfect :) But what was your first impression after wearing massive earrings even for an hour? Not so perfect isn’t it? :) Forget about checking earrings weight at all :) And even more, you will always impress everyone because you will wear not just an earrings but One of Nature's greatest miracles (of course after women) Butterflies! Your first massive earrings which are so light that you can forget to take them off when coming home :)

Boho Chic Earring with "Orchid" Silk Butterflies! :)

Mono Earring of Butterflies, Single Earring with wings, Long Earring Butterflies is Ready to ship! :)

Earrings base is stainless steel and butterflies made of pure silk!

For personalisation just write me :)

Butterflies made manually of natural silk! :) As close to live butterflies as in nature!

Creating them I use 2 kinds of silk, lower Butterflies is more dense, upper Butterflies of fine silk. Using multiple levels gives an unusual flickering 3D effect.
It seems like the top Butterfly - fine shadow, at easy motion the wings are moving as though alive Butterfly sat down and fluttering her wings.

You will never see such a necklace on anyone else except you! Because it's unique and unrepeatable!

In many cultures, Butterflies symbolize joy.

In Christian faith, Butterflies symbolize life.
In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman.

Thank you for your interest! :)