Asymmetric Earrings with "Golden" Butterflies

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Asymmetric Earrings with "Golden" Silk Butterflies Wings and Magic Butterflies Chains! :)
When I was making these butterflies I wanted to share my feelings, about the beginning of the Autumn, all this gold colored leaves which cover the streets, they are so beautiful! And in the same time are showing that the Summer is coming to an end, but also I wanted these butterfly earrings to bring a part of the Summer, and all best memories of it!

At first I wanted to make all butterflies, in the earrings, yellow-gold colored, but then I decided to add a bit of summer green color, and I think they really show the beginning of the beautiful Autumn, green color which becomes gold and yellow, hope you enjoy it! :)

Another unique part of the earrings is their asymmetric design, as like in Butterfly garden Butterflies sat on your earrings and lightly flutter their wings for you, so unique feelings! And the tiny little butterflies look so gently, completing the whole romantic look of the earrings!

Also you can bring your own unique fantasy to them, you can wear them without lower tier (like on 2-7 photo) or you can wear one earring with lower tier and one without, or both earrings with lower tier (like on photo 1), wear them as you wish, change them as you wish! As it wish your own style!

The main idea of the earrings is uniqueness and tenderness, every butterfly is hand crafted of pure silk with most sincere love!

Earrings base is stainless steel and butterflies made of pure silk!
Due to it properties wings of butterflies are light and translucent, like real ones.Using of this multiple levels gives an unusual flickering 3D effect. It seems like the top butterfly - fine shadow, at easy motion the wings are moving as though alive butterfly sat down and fluttering her wings.

In many cultures, butterflies symbolize joy.

In Christian faith, butterflies symbolize life.
In Japan, this winged creature associate with a young woman.

Asymmetric Earrings with "Autumn" Silk Butterflies Wings, Butterfly Earrings wing Organza Wings, Creative Earrings with Removable Chains are ready to ship!

P.S. Any Butterfly wasn’t been damaged during creating :)

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Delicate style of handmade jewelry - the perfect gift for any occasion for women and girls.

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Photo 2 is from Photo project in Kiev, thanks to great team:
Photo: @natalieslam21_ph
Model: @marinka_sh_
MUAH: @miranosova